Application-oriented ÖGMBT/VWR Research Award 2014

ÖGMBT Award [f. l. t. r. Vizepräsident Josef Glößl, Award Winner Andreas Loos, Präsidentin Angela Sessitsch, Preissponsor Brigitte Niebler-Földi (VWR International), Award Winner Christian Gruber ]

Our publication about the Catalophore approach was awarded with the ÖGMBT/VWR Research Award 2014!

In the application-oriented ÖGMBT/VWR Research Award, 2 applicants have put up a head-to-head race. The publications “Identification of promiscuous ene-reductase activity by mining structural databases using active site constellations” and by Andreas Loos “Expression and glycoengineering of functionally active heteromultimeric IgM in plants”, both of which have proven their extremely high quality in bioscientific research, so that this year the ÖGMBT awarded the prize equally to Christian Gruber and Andreas Loos.

acib GmbH, University of Graz and Innophore GmbH