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Drug & Enzyme Discovery

Catalophore SaaS platform


Our VirtualFlow team has made it to the finalist stage

for the JEDI Covid-19 GrandChallenge!

“An estimated 54 billion molecules were screened by 130 teams representing more than 500 scientists from the world’s top institutions. The VirtualFlow team, consisting of scientists from the US (Harvard, DFCI, Google and University of California, Berkeley), Austria (Innophore), Germany (Max Planck Institute and Technical University of Berlin) and Ukraine (Enamine and Chemspace), is now in the finalist phase, competing with the few remaining drug discovery teams to win the prestigious Covid19 GrandChallenge, organized by the  Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) , the “European DARPA”. It is to be noted that only teams that have submitted drug proposals with real potential to treat Covid-19 have been selected for the finalist round.”

Prof. Thomas Hermans
Program manager of the 
JEDI Covid19 GrandChallenge

By February 2021, 878 of the most promising molecules have now been synthesised, compounds that were not available in any molecular library in the world. This is an immense and unprecedented undertaking in human history.

Catalophore™ DrugSolver Platform
Reliable drug (off-)target identification
Virtual drug side-effect screening
Drug design, discovery and repositioning
Large-scale drug repurposing
Catalophore™ Platform
Enzyme discovery
Protein and pathway optimization

With our unique drug repurposing approach and enzyme and drug search engine, you can make unforeseen discoveries. We are a fully digital lab using a new and unique way to use datamining and artificial intelligence to identify new drugs or drug targets for medical applications and enzymes for existing or up-coming industrial biocatalytic processes.

Benefit from new or altered properties

Companies benefit within finding altered protein properties such as thermo- and solvent stability, substrate spectrum, selectivity and specificity. Therefore we help to improve e.g. product quality as well as product characteristics and reduce costs.

Revolutionary approach

The approach differs vastly from other offerings as it is independent of the overall structure, protein fold and amino acid sequence.

Ready-to-use search engine

A digital search engine for enzymes with a proprietary ready-to-use structural database of 3D enzyme cavities. 

Structures to explore

Biological assemblies to examine

Homology models created

Cavities with properties to discover


Our cluster uses about 6500 CPU to perform your experiments. Furthermore we can deploy the experiments in the cloud. For this we use AWS and Google Cloud.

High Performance Supercomputing for Drug & Enzyme Discovery


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Merck Inc.

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Winner CPhI International Pharma Award

Winner ÖGMBT Research Award

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