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Each of your problems deserves its own solution. Our team is committed to making sure that we formulate your problem properly in our space of solutions. These customizations will help you augment your R&D pipeline and redefine how you approach possible solutions. In this way, our CatalophoreTM platform can cater to your specific needs.

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protein structure


Many of our customers work with enzymes or proteins for a specific purpose. Our unique CatalophoreTM point-cloud technology is ideally suited to enhance standard approaches that are based on structural or sequence information. Using this enhancement, we find the best match for your search.

corona virus covid19


Innophore has already dedicated its innovative toolbox to large drug-repurposing screenings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our unique CatalophoreTM point-cloud technology can find matches beyond what standard search methods based on protein structure or sequence information can offer.

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