Green computing for green processes

Innophore has put its new remotely operated hydropower data center into operation, deep in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Our existing HPC clusters were expanded by a hyperconverged, private cloud with 1536 computing cores powered sustainably directly by the electricity of a 2MW 6-jet Pelton water turbine on-site.
The prediction of novel enzymes for sustainable, green and resource efficient products and processes for industrial and pharmaceutical applications is one of the central challenges of modern biotechnology. For us, crossing the boundaries in #enzyme discovery with our patented Catalophore™ technology represents a major ecological responsibility. Although the transition to in-silico screening drastically reduces the ecological footprint for our customers, big data still requires enormous power consumption. Therefore, Innophore continuously optimizes its algorithms to increase the kW per enzyme ratio. In times of climate change, however, we want to further minimize the environmental impact of our IT operations. That means every electron we use to predict your enzyme candidates and pharmaceutical targets is produced directly from the power of nature.