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SignalChem Partnership


Innophore & SignalChem start partnership

Innophore and SignalChem have agreed to collaborate on Drug & Enzyme Discovery in the future.
Innophore’s cutting-edge technology will make it possible to learn from kinase data sets at the structural-bioinformatics level, to gain new insights with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.
SignalChem is one of the leaders in the fields of e.g. kinases, signalling proteins, antibodies research.



Did you already know?
Innophore can perform virtual screening, repurpose drugs and predict drug side effects based on this method.
The patented Catalophore™ technology enables to model 3D point clouds of small molecules and binding receptors, which are then matched with each other.
This matching takes 19 physico-chemical properties and the volume of the molecules into account.